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lachicka's Journal

I'm a Planonian at heart. Lived in Texas for the first 18 years of my life. Now I reside in sunny Miami Florida. Life is good. I have two wonderful sets of friends (one in Florida and one in Texas). The girl scout song comes to mind "make new friends, but keep the old- one is silver and the other's gold." It's so true.

I have a small family. I'm an only child. I'm very close to my grandmother.

I love country music. I get way too excited about food. Subway and Starbucks and dark chocolate :). I have a hair phobia.

I've kept a diary since I was 9. I love to have deep conversations with people. I like to analyis siduations, emotions, and behaviors. I appreciate people who are handy (ie. good at fixing things and are resourceful) and who are up to date with worldly events.

FYI- I DO drive now!!! Huzzzah!!!
I have a lovely Buick Regal named Sebastian. But he's in Plano, and I'm usually not :(