Lauren's Mom got me a braclet with my name on it. I thought that was tacky so I decided thought I'd just take the "D" and "R" to leave my intials.
Then I realized that my name can make sooo many words!!!!!

Of course, De Bra
Be Rad

and sooo many more...

I left it as...

De Bar...that way, in case I get lost I know where I belong- at "De Bar!!" DRINKS!!! Booya

If you can think of anything better, let me know!!


My second grade teacher sent me a Happpy Valentine's Day e-mail!!!!
She totally made my DAY!!!!!!
I feel loved!


I never mastered the talent of BS. That's why it takes me so long to write papers. After reading my endless boring mgt text book I realized what BS is. It is by definition: stating the obvious.

If they can get paid thousands of dollars to do it....I can test it out on my latest paper. I may become quite good at it after all of these years.


Why do I get so much satisfaction at Starbucks? If it wasn't so cliche to go to Starbucks, I would feel so much better about my addiction. (Perhaps this is because of some silly cliche that says it's better to be different. Or perhaps it's just me feeling ashamed that corporate American marketing can twist my emotions in such a way.)

Starbucks has so many memories for me. It has been such a ritual. It was the place I went to with Mom to talk over coffee before school everyday, it was the place a went to relax after my morning commute before heading out of the underground to the busy streets and into the Lehman building to wait for an elevator to the 15th floor, it's the place I go in the morning to make getting up to study worthwhile, it's the place I've been on awkward dates, it's the reason I went to the football games (knowing I would get to enjoy coffee with good friends after halftime), it's the only think open late in Plano and so much more.

They know me at the Starbuck across from campus. I got about 4 times a week now. It's nice. I still miss my cheap 7-11 coffee that I got addicted to over winter break. I'm so glad that I learned to love coffee at the end of middle school. I remember the first time I drank it and really tried to enjoy it.
I was invited to Mona's house to celebrate middle school graduation. He mother brought it a fancy coffee set on a gorgeous tray with all the fixings. I had never used a sugar cube before and I put in about 5 of them. I was disappointed with their effectiveness, but I tried really hard to enjoy the small proportion of coffee to fixings. It was something I had to do to enjoy the moment of celebration.

Heck, this is the same way people learn to drink alcohol. I went to a lecture the other day where the topic of alcoholism came up. Our society uses alcohol as a means of celebration. Therefore, we will never eliminate alcoholics. Doesn't everyone like to celebrate?

Coffee really does taste like dirty most of the time. We drink it even when it's a bad pot because we want to stimulant or we want to keep the social moment alive. We poison our systems for the sake of a quick fix or a for the sake of being social. It's a strange world.


Linda and I are planning a canoe trip next weekend!! We have been talking about doing this for over a year!
I can't wait. We will be traveling along a river that she has hiked many times. I hope we get to do some hiking also. Oh this will be a lot of fun! Road trip to Orlando, see Nanny, go shopping, and canoeing!!

Everytime I see a porta-potty, I always wonder who the heck has that job and how much they get paid.

America's Dirtiest Jobs
Think your job is disgusting? From the gastroenterologist who spends his days deep in the bowels of patients, to the crime-scene cleaner who scrapes human remains off ceilings, here's a look at five careers that are hard on the stomach -- and just might make your job seem like a day at the beach!

Porta-Potty Cleaner
To anyone who finds using a porta-potty distasteful, having to clean one might sound unbearable. But it's all in a day's work for the crews at companies like Sani-Hut, who go onsite to clean and service porta-potties. They start by picking up wads of toilet paper, then spray every surface with a degreasing solution. Next, they power hose it all down with scalding water, scrub it, squeegee it, dry it and finish off with a deodorizing spray.

The entire process takes about three minutes (unless the potty has been tipped over and sitting out in the heat for a few days), with the average worker sanitizing anywhere from 10 to 60 potties a day.

"People come up to us all the time and ask how we can do this," laughs Larry Balz, who says this is one of the best jobs he's ever had. "When they find out what we make, they ask if we're hiring."

Annual wages are around $50,000. In addition, Sani-Hut offers incentive pay as well as excellent medical, dental and optical benefits.

Don't want to spend your days cleaning toilets? How about plumbing the depths of the human intestines? That's what gastroenterologist Sean Griffin does -- and loves it! "People ask whether I like doing colonoscopies and, to tell you the truth, they're quite enjoyable," Griffin says.

"It's like a computer game with a start and finish point -- and you might find things along the way like polyps that you have to pull off. It requires a lot of manual dexterity and the challenge is quite fun."

Aware of his occupation's public image, Griffin often tells people he's an electrician. However with earning potential of up to $800,000 a year, most folks are able to get over any initial feelings of shame or revulsion.

Crime-Scene Cleaner
Perhaps the most mentally disturbing job of all is the crime-scene cleaner, who must cleanse walls of blood and guts, rip out stained carpeting and deal with decomposed bodies or loose remains of victims. Of course all this is done wearing a hazmat suit, respirator and chemical-spill boots.

Starting salary is about $35,000, but after a few years it can jump to $80,000 in a big city (read: high-crime market). Those in private practice make more, as each assignment pays between $500 and $5,000. (We only hope mental health counseling benefits are included.)

Exotic Dancer
The adult entertainment industry is often not a person's first career choice and its customers can range from unwholesome to downright unhygienic. While at certain clubs, an exotic dancer can earn up to $2,500 in tips a night, most times, things don't go so well. Sandra Stevens, who writes of her first (and last) exotic dance job in the book, 'Bad Jobs: My Last Shift at Albert Wong's Pagoda and other Ugly Tales of the Workplace,' recalls being ordered to strip to Aretha Franklin's "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" for which she earned $20.

Odor Judge
Science is full of inquisitive minds that revel in performing jobs others wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole. According to Popular Science magazine, the very worst is that of odor judge.

Mouthwash companies employ them in their research labs, where, halitosis-inflicted subjects blow into their faces before and after using the product to test its efficacy.

And just recently, two brave researchers were called in to help determine the most malodorous component of human flatus and the role it plays in disease. In the study, 16 subjects volunteered to eat pinto beans and have their gas syringed into a discrete container. The odor judges then sat down with more than 100 samples, opened the caps one at a time, inhaled and rated just how noxious the smell was.

While the researchers did not divulge how much they paid these judges, it would seem safe to say it was not enough!

Sure, you may be bored, frustrated or feel unappreciated at work, but remember there are others out there worse off than you. Next time your job drives you crazy, be thankful it's only testing your patience, not your gag reflexes.


Bic pens originated in France. The founder of Bic pens was actually named Marcel Bich. But he dropped the "h" to make his product more friendly in global markets.

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Pretty soon we aren't even going to have cell phones....just little chips implanted in our wrists that make phone calls, act as credit cards, take pictures, do our taxes, drive our car, and dispense TP etc.

The Road goes on Forever

That song always gives me the chills! I just love it. It is such a great story of two lovers whose paths cross for a short time. Well, I'm not sure they are even true lovers, they are just two people taking life as it comes. They are totally free spirits that do everything that no one from Plano would ever do....and just goes on..well, not for poor Sunny, but that doesn't really mater because that's life.
It is mater-of-fact and just so awesome! I love that song. And it rymes which makes it way cool!!